Reading List

Computer ArchitectureSoftware optimization resources by Agner link, microarchitecture of Intel, AMD and VIA CPUs.
Computer ArchitectureLectures by Onur Mutlu on Computer Architecture Youtube videos.
Computer ArchitectureOnline courses on Computer Architecture by Princeton University.
Computer ArchitectureCPU and performance optimization by DENIS BAKHVALOV. Understanding CPU port contention. Store forwarding by example.
Computer ArchitectureBranch predictor part 1, part 2 and more on Micro-architectues or code optimization.
Micro-architectural channelsComputer architecture - list of micro-architectural channels, link.
Micro-architectural channelsMeltdownPrime and SpectrePrime: Automatically-Synthesized Attacks Exploiting Invalidation-Based Coherence Protocols, link.
Micro-architectural channelsAMD flaws. link, AMD response
Micro-architectural channelsHow to get consistent results when benchmarking on Linux? link
Speculative Execution channelsReading privileged memory with a side-channel by Project Zero, Some thoughts on Spectre and Meltdown, Meltdown from a CPU architect’s view. System Management Mode Speculative Execution Attacks
Speculative Execution channelsKVA Shadow: mitigating meltdown in Windows. Speculative Execution Bounty Launch by Microsoft. link Microsoft blog on “Mitigating speculative execution side channel hardware vulnerabilities”.
Speculative Execution channelsAn accessible overview of Meltdown and Spectre: part 1, part 2
Speculative Execution channels on SGXIntel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) SW Development Guidance for Potential Bounds Check Bypass (CVE-2017-5753) Side Channel Exploits. SGXPectre.
Intel/AMD technologyIntel SGX Academic Research List, link.
Intel/AMD technologyIntel® Architecture Memory Encryption Technologies Specification pdf.
Intel/AMD technologyIntel® MPX explained pdf.
Secure EnclavesOpen-source Secure Hardware Enclave: Keystone
Useful toolsExternal flashing of the firmware. me_cleaner@github.
Useful toolsCheat sheet for Intel Processor Trace with Linux perf and gdb by Andi Kleen, link.
Useful toolsThe Basic Toolbox for a computer science students by Prof. John Regehr.
RowhammerNice paper on causing bit flips in Firefox arrays on Android by abusing WebGL shader textures: here
RowhammerCodes for Rowhammer attacks. one-location hammering, double-sided hammering
Writing and Reviewing papersHow is a paper evaluated? See here.
Writing and Reviewing papersReviewing System Security Papers. link
Writing and Reviewing papersRebuttals: DON’T do this and try this.
Writing and Reviewing papersBlog: Paths to External Engagement in Computer Science Research
NewsFacebooks cambridge analytica scandal, FTC charged Facebook in 2011 because it “deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public”.
WorkshopNSF Workshop on Side and Covert Channels in Computing Systems. Videos: day 1, day 2