Dr. Wenhao Wang is an associate professor at Institute of Information Engineering (IIE), CAS. His research interests now focus on protecting user privacy data with the help of hardware features, such as Intel SGX, as well as cryptographic techniques (e.g., homomorphic encryption). Ongoing projects also include designing new hardware based TEEs (trusted execution environments) to support large scale data processing. Dr. Wenhao Wang was a visiting scholar of Prof. XiaoFeng Wang’s group in Indiana University Bloomington from April 2016 to August 2018, during which he worked closely with Prof. Wang and Prof. Haixu Tang in organizing the Genomic data privacy and security protection competition. Please find the cv here: in English, 中文.

Please send an email to wangwenhao@iie.ac.cn if you would like to join the group. Students with interests in topics related to operating system/software/virtualization/hardware-assisted security/TEE/privacy preserving technologies/microarchitectural side channels etc., are all welcome.

letter News: A new paper on rowhammer attacks on gray-box DNNs is accepted to USENIX Security 2024.
letter News: A new paper on iOS side channel analysis is accepted to ACM CCS 2023.

Publications (letter Corresponding authors, [ ] Equal Contributions, ~ Advised by me)



  • 芯片及处理器安全(40学时,with Prof. Mingzhe Zhang)
  • 文献阅读(30学时,with Prof. Ben Niu)

Professional Services

  • Reviewer for journals IEEE TDSC, IEEE Security & Privacy, IEEE TC, ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security, CyberSecurity, SCN, JNCA.
  • Sub-reviewer for CCS (2018, 2020), NDSS (2017, 2018, 2021), S&P (2017, 2020, 2021), Usenix Security (2017, 2018, 2021), HPCA (2019), ESORICS (2018, 2020), Asiacrypt (2020), AsiaCCS (2017, 2018, 2019) and RECOMB (2019) etc.
  • TPC member for ACM CCS 2019, GenoPri 2020, SECURWARE 2022, ACNS 2023.
  • General Chair for Inscrypt 2022.


  • 2018 ACM SIGSAC China Rising Star Award, and ACM China Rising Star Nomination Award
  • 2017 Young Star Award of Institute of Information Engineering, CAS



  • Master students:
    • Wei He (in pursuit of a Doctoral Degree with Prof. Wei Song)
    • Jinze She
    • Zhaoyang Geng
    • Zhennan Min
    • Huihao Zhang
    • Linke Song
  • PhD students (unofficially advised by me):
    • Benshan Mei
    • Bohan Li
    • Zihao Wang


  • Wenwen Ruan (First job: Intel)
  • Sitong Chen (First job: Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology)

Last updated: 2023/9/22.